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Orlando North, Seminole County

As agency of record for state-funded Space Florida, Paradise is tasked with marketing "space tourism" directly to consumers. Whether its watching a live rocket launch, exploring the state's rich history with America's space program, or spending an afternoon at The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, the area offers an experience that is truly unique to the Sunshine State. We began our relationship with Space Florida by branding them as "We Are Go Florida," and re-instilling the excitement and wonder of space that began in the 1960s. We followed it up with the ambitious "Vacationauts" campaign, which recruited visitors to join in an engaging, multi-media program designed to help them make space part of their next Florida vacation. Since its launch (pun intended), the Vacationauts program has been a major hit with space enthusiasts, education-oriented families, and Florida visitors overall.


Orlando North, Seminole County

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For years, Seminole County had an identity problem: Hardly anyone outside the general vicinity knew where it was. When Paradise became the agency of record in 2004 [check], we encouraged the destination to do the unthinkable: change its name. Now, the destination is branded as Orlando North — the perfect place to enjoy an affordable respite from the theme parks of Orlando, while still being within easy reach. These days, Florida vacationers definitely know where Seminole County is located. More importantly, they understand that it’s the perfect place to “Do Orlando” better.